America's Hits On Parade

Enjoy an evening of America’s Hits that inspired many of the greatest recordings ever made. A memory of these songs touched our deepest feelings in a way no other songs have or ever will.

American’s Hits On Parade are legendary songs from the most thrilling era of music that captured our hearts during an amazing ten years of music and history. The America’s Hits On Parade was everywhere! Radio’s broadcasted from ballrooms like the Aragon, Palomar, Palladium and the “Make Believe” Ballroom. Juke Boxes whirled at home while a world away GI’s warmly welcomed the sounds of America’s Hits. We danced at night clubs, USO’s, ballrooms and truly had the greatest time of our lives.

Sit back and enjoy America’s Hits On Parade with an evening of the songs we cherished the most and will never forget listening to – I’ll Never Smile Again – In The Mood – I’m Getting Sentimental Over You – Tangerine – There Are Such Things – Dream – Boogie Woogie – So Rare – Stardust………. and many more.

Where We’re PlayingA memorable experience for the whole audience.